Tip ’em! Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter for BlackBerry


Tip 'em! is a tip calculator and bill splitter designed for the BlackBerry Storm.

It features easy to use touch controls and a whimsical retro graphical background with handwriting fonts.

Tip 'em! helps you quickly and accurately calculate the tip and split a check in just 3 steps:

1) Enter the total bill amount

2) Choose a tip %

3) Choose the number of people splitting the check

Key Features:

  1. Easily enter the total bill using the touch keypad

  2. Select a tip amount between 0% and 30%

  3. Split the check between 2 and 10 people (optional)

  4. Exclude tax & drinks from the tip calculation (optional)

  5. Round the tip or the total to make splitting the bill easier (optional)

  6. Includes recommended "Tip Suggestions" for over 20 countries

  7. Rich graphical interface and easy to use touch controls

  8. Designed exclusively for the BlackBerry Storm


Tip 'em! Tip 'em! Usage Tips

- Tap on the Check Amount row to get started

- Tap on any rows in the check to enter numbers or choose amounts from the lists


If you're unable to enter any numbers you may need to switch from the Full Keyboard to the Reduced Keyboard.

1) Press the Blackberry button next to the green phone button to bring up the menu.

2) Choose "Enable Reduced Keyboard" from the menu to bring up the simplified numeric keypad.

3) Tap on any row to enter numbers.

Contact support:

support @ azoombi.com